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Special Events

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Special Event Aerial Drone Photography

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Drone videos are an attractive complement
to just about any special event.

Flying Monkey Aerial Videography offers a complete drone and/or blimp video and photo flyover package for your special events, family gatherings and social get-togethers. Whether you are hosting a conference, a family reunion, a wedding, anniversary or birthday party, a drone flyover offers an exciting and memorable keepsake. You can even incorporate music, special effects and narration to enhance your memories and make the event even more special.

Our drone and blimp camera systems are capable of recording in stunning ultra high definition formats, including 4K  resulting in amazing images certain to wow your audience. When you want to remember a special event, nothing quite captures those moments like the high-definition footage of drone videography and photography. Because drones are easily portable, it’s easy to mark your special occasion and turn any gathering into a fun memory to be later shared. Consider using a drone for all your special events such as weddings, parties, sports, craft fairs, outdoor festivals, and car shows

A drone flyover can film video or take still photos, either of which is a great way to commemorate your special day. Video from an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) (drone or blimp) documents the event unlike any other camera or technology. You could choose to go from a wide aerial shot all the way in close for the bride and groom’s vows or vice versa, all in one continuous shot from the drone.

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Flying Monkey Aerial Videography offers innovative videos and photos unlike any you have ever seen!

Professional, high quality, aerial videography is also great for sales, marketing and public relations. If you are planning an event such as a golf tournament, auto show, concert, festival, arts and craft show  or other major gathering, consider the value that a drone video flyover csn add. Rather than a map of the location, you can provide guests with a brief video flyover of the local fairground, trade show layout, athletic stadium, race course, golf course, resort property or just about anything you want to feature. The drone flyover video provides a great introduction to the event as well as a guide for people that might otherwise get lost in an unfamiliar setting.

Flying Monkey Aerial Videography has produced high quality videos for many events around Central Pennsylvania. The drones themselves are compact, lightweight and capable of flying far enough, high enough and fast enough to film just about anything. The possibilities are limitless!

Your assigned pilot can help you to design a video that meets your needs. You may want to slowly hover over an outdoor barbecue before blasting off to a view high overhead. You may want to tour the inside of a hotel resort property before flying out the door to look over the swimming pool. If you are filming a sporting event, you can follow the flight of a golf ball, trail the leader in a  race or find new and interesting perspectives over the crowd.

Premium videography and photography from Flying Monkey Aerial Videography can also include editing and publishing services. With some crafty editing, special effects and special printing or publishing treatments, these videos and photos can be shared with generations to come. You can post the video flyover to the web or print high definition photos to a nicely bound photobook for your guests or customers. Contact us for a fresh, vivid, and exciting look at your next important event.


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Aerial photography is the perfect way to make the client's fantasy wedding video a reality. You capture breathtaking shots of the wedding venue from above and get creative with the way the reception is filmed. Show off all the best aspects of the day without worrying about where you should have your photographer set up. Drones have GPS flight-control systems. They can stand and hover in a fixed position on their own, track a moving subject, and are highly maneuverable. With a drone, you can add a whole new dimension to your wedding.   A drone's cinematic aerial shots provides a whole new perspective of your wedding.

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According to a trend piece in the New York Times wedding section, camera-equipped drones are increasingly showing up as wedding guests for the rich and famous. Far from uninvited, unmanned aerial systems have emerged as the hot new must-have excess at high profile ceremonies around the world.

When hiring a drone photographer for a wedding, you must consider whether you want them to shoot just still photos and/or video of the ceremony. If all you want is a few aerial pictures and maybe a video, prices start at around $125 per hour.


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Using drone footage to create amazing marketing and event recap videos is the next big thing! Festivals and concerts are usually bigger events that take a lot of planning to run smoothly. Drone photography is the perfect tool to avoid your hard work going unnoticed. With an aerial perspective, event planners can now show off event locations, crowds of people and their set-up like never before.


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By using a drone to follow the action on the field, you can guarantee you don’t miss any of it due to a bad angle or being too far away.

Shooting drone footage for sporting events involves an increased amount of liability. Furthermore, it adds a level of difficulty because requires almost continuous footage over an extended period of time. This means operators have to come prepared with multiple batteries and will have to follow the action as it takes place, all the while minding the surroundings and the safety of the athletes and spectators.

Editing is an extra service that Flying Monkey can offer besides getting the right shots for you. Whether you want to add music, voice over and/or text, your drone photographer is ready to work with you.

The biggest selling point of using drone photography for outdoor events is that for the price of an on the ground professional photographer (and in some cases even cheaper), Flying Monkey can get regular not only on the ground footage but also the additional aerial perspective.

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Our Flying Monkey Mascot says:

"Make Sky High Memories at Your Next Event!"

"We want to capture your special day from an unimaginable and breathtaking perspective! Drone photography and UAV video can make your vision come true! Contact us today for any special event you'd like from a birds eye view!"

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