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Roof Inspections/ Construction

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  Safer and easier than climbing up onto the roof

Drones are growing in use every year, and their potential is only limited to your imagination.  One potential area is the Industrial/Construction sector, especially in concentrated industrial zones which require high safety standards and meticulous record keeping of inspection details. It has been a natural progression of the Flying Monkey Aerial Videography business model to be an industry leader in aerial infrastructure inspections. Our expertise continues to grow in the fields of residential, commercial, industrial, utility tower, bridge inspections and more. Flying Monkey provides a full suite of aerial imaging services. We utilizes state of the art drones that provide the ability to fly at low speeds, as well as hover for extended periods of time. Our drone’s cameras provide up to 16 megapixel images and have zoom capability. Whether it is a simple roof inspection or a large industrial construction project, Flying Monkey Aerial Videography stands ready to meet your business needs.

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How can I use Drones in my Construction or Industrial Project

Commercial Applications

Our drones are a great tool for commercial applications whether it be surveying a large commercial warehouse during the underwriting process or evaluating claims with images of building damage, drones can give you valuable info while you’re safely on the ground.

Safety Inspections

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Drones offer tremendous advantages to conduct safe visual inspections for a number of infrastructure industries, to include telecommunications, power and utilities and oil and gas pipelines, to name a few.

One of the primary advantages in using drones to conduct aerial inspections is the greatly increased safety factor which they provide. Drones offer the distinct advantage of providing imagery in several formats for inspections on tall structures, inspections which traditionally have been carried out by climbing the structure and using fall protection to survey the structure. Using Flying Monkey’s drone services for aerial inspection, makes great sense. The inspection is conducted from the safety of the ground and offers the ability to view live video feed, still photographs, or a pre-planned video recording.

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Telecommunication and Power Inspections

Using a drone aerial inspection service to inspect cellular towers is extremely advantageous as our operators can fly the entire tower allowing inspection of the tower structure and mounted equipment. Removing the high level of risk associated with conducting a climbing inspection. In addition to the safety benefits, using drones allows the inspection to be completed from a safe distance eliminating the risk of damage to components due to climbing. Photo or video inspections provide historical data that can be referenced at a later date.

Pipeline Inspections

Traditionally the inspections have been conducted at ground level, or again, by manned aircraft. However, these both have shortcomings. On the ground, pipelines routinely run through the most remote areas of the country. This translates to difficulty in accessing the prescribed areas by methods other than off-road vehicles. Manned aircraft have been used to perform pipeline inspection for some time now. One major drawback is they cannot get close enough to the pipelines to do more than identify major problems. Aircraft are generally not camera equipped, so incidents are not recorded for further assessment or documentation. A drone gives the distinct advantage of recording the exact GPS location of the problem. Drones can also provide a live video feed, video recording, or still photos of the potential problem area. Our operators can maneuver the drone to provide extremely detailed images.

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Insurance & Underwriters

Our drones are a great tool for underwriters and claims adjusters. Whether it be surveying a large commercial warehouse during the underwriting process or evaluating Insurance Damage Assessment Claims with images of building damage or an area damage survey after a storm or natural disaster, drones can give you valuable info while you’re safely on the ground.

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Advantages of Drones in Industrial Applications

But what kind of advantages are offered, you ask? Primarily, because drones are capable of reaching multiple heights from various angles, they bring a whole new level of observation to the table. By removing the human element, risk of injury is significantly reduced, while the quality and capture of details is preserved.

For instance, assume your team must examine towers, tall buildings, or in-progress construction sites. Traditionally, ladders, snorkel lifts, or sky-jacks are required to view or inspect higher parts of the structure. With a drone, however, this is no longer necessary. A drone can reach tall heights, take HD quality photos and videos, and examine parts of a structure without human risk. They can also reach parts which would be considered too dangerous for a regular person, examining an area from all angles.

Consider too the need for inspection to things like power or electricity. Typically, when professionals need to examine things like power lines or wiring, power must temporarily be disabled. But, with a drone, there’s no need to turn off all power conduits. Additionally, risk of shock hazard is completely removed, as drone’s can examine potentially dangerous or exposed areas without risking human safety.

Drones in the industrial sector are also fantastic for record keeping. Usually, servicemen must personally examine all elements, damaged areas, zones for foundation, and more. This is a time consuming process and requires meticulous record keeping, which in some cases comes down to memory.

However, as mentioned before, a drone is capable of observing areas from a variety of heights, angles, and distances. This gives renewed perspective on potential projects, allowing management to approach inspection or repair in a whole new way.

With the ability for a drone to capture high quality video and imagery, management and work teams have immediate, detailed records for examining things like damage or areas for new construction. This precision data requires less time and less manpower, but yields larger results, ultimately streamlining the process for industrial upkeep.

With these attributes, a workforce greatly saves on time as well. Imagine how long it typically takes to inspect and record towers, buildings, power lines, or other structures. It likely requires proper devices, safety precautions, and skilled individuals.

However, with a drone, this process is expedited, and a larger field of view is created for members involved. Additionally, fewer resources are required, such as sky-jacks required to reach various structure heights. So, by using a drone for these purposes, the industrial sector saves on resources but produces greater results in less time.

Our drones can search for potential damage or conduct routine inspection, removing the risk to your workers.

Drones can also increase sales potential for investors to new construction projects. Where agents normally tour through an area- highlighting the advantages of building on the hypothetical terrain -drones aid this by providing new angles for interested contractors. Using aerial shots or different views, one can highlight a variety of advantages from chosen land, all with the help of our drone services.

Our drone services utilize all the mentioned advantages. We believe safety is paramount, and that’s why our services are equipped with all the best features to achieve optimal standards when conducting drone operation.

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"With our service, you can take your business model to the next level, literally! If you’re concerned about worker safety, have difficulty conducting routine inspections or don’t have the utilities to do so, consider Flying Monkey aerial Videography for all your industrial drone services."


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