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When breaking news unfolds and you need fast, dependable aerial photos or video, Flying Monkey Aerial Videography is your to answer. We have the experience and professionalism to get coverage safely and quickly, with complete access to all major areas of South Central Pennsylvania. If it's happening now and you need it filmed we have you covered.

Drones have revolutionized the way moments can be captured and shared. Whereas just a few years ago the only options for aerial photography were hiring a plane or helicopter, today you can get an aerial perspective for a fraction of the price. With drone technology, high-definition footage of any occasion can be obtained at a very reasonable price. The accessibility to drone photography has brought us into the future of event planning where even the smallest gatherings can be turned into great memories.

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Drones can go anywhere!

Drones can go places where traditional video crews simply cannot. Drones can cut down on a TV-news outlet’s financial burden as well. The cost is a huge savings compared to the station hiring a helicopter.

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Tornado Damage

Flood Aftermath

Imagine you’re reporting live from the scene of a breaking news story - a fire, a flood, a crime scene investigation, or a protest.

The photographer has you centered in the frame for the close up on the ground. But there’s also an unmanned drone the photographer controls circling over the scene. As the control room goes to you, viewers see the live shot from the drone revealing an aerial view of the entire scene, while they hear you set up the story off camera. At the right time, the live shot from the drone is switched back to you live, ready for your close-up.

When you think about it, the storytelling of almost any breaking news story would be improved with the addition of the perspective an unmanned drone would provide.

Drones give us a unique opportunity to take you to places and show you new vantage points that would be impossible to see from the ground or even from a regular helicopter.

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Recent Drone Video Projects

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The Implosion of the Senate Plaza Building in Camp Hill PA, May 25, 2017

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January 25th 2017  Harrisburg South Bridge I-83

JubileeDayMech2017.jpg (193252 bytes)

Jubilee Day  Mechanicsburg , Pa.  June 15th 2017