Flying Monkey Aerial Videography

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The Flying Monkey Blimp

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Our Flying Monkey Mascot says:

"Fly a blimp at your next special event!"

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New Blimp Added to The Flying Monkey Fleet!
Our Blimp is Equipped with a WIFI Live Continuous Feed Internet Camera.

Great for Sports and Special Events!

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Flying Monkey Aerial Videography has a 14 Foot Helium tethered blimp which is equipped with a 4K High Resolution Camera capable of taking photos, videos and live streaming to Face Book or You Tube. Whether it is a special all day event such as a festival, craft fair, a radio station promotion, sporting event or wedding a tethered blimp provides a safe birds eye view of the festivities and is sure to attract attention to your event.

(Note: the flying of the Blimp is dependent on permitting weather conditions. Drone coverage would be made available should weather conditions not be suitable for flying of the blimp.)


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