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Flying Monkey Aerial Videography is located in Central Pennsylvania and specializes in providing drone photography and videography solutions. Our professional team has the skills, expertise and equipment to meet all of your aerial photography needs. We are passionate about photography, and our work shows it. Our experience, creativity, and attention to detail guarantee that you are getting the best drone photography product available.

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The Tarot 690S Hexacopter

The flagship of the Flying Monkey drone fleet is a 690S Tarot hexacopter equipped with both a high definition 4K video camera and a Sony 35 mm DSLR camera with remote control zoom lens. The 28 inches wide Tarot hexacopter is capable of up to 50 minutes of flight time per aerial videography mission enabling it to cover your entire event with minimal interuptions for battery exchanges. The everyday work horses of our fleet are the fully equipped DJI 4 drones which are also equipped with 4K high definition cameras.

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From hexacopters, quad-copters, blimp, and small planes, to a long rage reconnaisance 82" wingspan flying wing capable of flyingh high speed (60=80 MPH) videography missions over large areas requiring longer flight times, well over an hour, such as pipeline construction and large farm surveys. All our unmanned aerial systems (UAVs) are equipped with 12 megapixel high resoltion cameras and 4K Ultra-High definition video. Some aircraft are also equipped with WIFI video transmitters for livestreaming to facebook or YouTube. WIFI allows the crowd to simultaneously watch the video on smart devices as it is being recorded.

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Just part of our unmanned aircraft fleet

Our fleet of aircraft is amazing, but it's the experience to use them to their full potential that makes Fying Monkey Aerial Videography the best choice for your next challenging creative project. We take pride in understanding our equipment and spend countless hours perfecting our camera skills. Almost anyone can get a camera in the air nowadays, the true difference is in what you do with it once it is there!

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Senior Drone Pilot Gordon Bennett stands in
The Flying Monkey display booth at Jubilee Day, June 2016

Every flight shows us something new, but our vision remains the same:

Provide creative, inspiring and timely aerial photography and videography products in a safe, respectful and professional manner, one positive client experience at a time.

Our work is our best selling point! Our ever growing list of happy clients is a testament to our ability to listen to their creative ideas and make them come to life in the best form possible. We find it truly rewarding to see our client’s imagination expanded by the possibilities we offer.


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Without question, safety is our number-one priority. We believe in being ambassadors of this emerging capability, and understand that its misuse could endanger public safety. We take industry-leading steps to minimize risk and are extremely proud of our perfect safety record.

Before every flight, we conduct a multi-point pre-flight inspection of our aerial vehicles and inspect the entire flight area to check for any hazards such as trees, wires or obstructions. We require property owners permission for all flights, never fly over people or out of our direct line of sight, and brief a safety plan to all bystanders in case of an equipment failure. For indoor flights, only the pilot and safety briefed crew members are allowed in the space being filmed. We reserve the right to refuse a mission based on safety concerns.

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The U.S. has the busiest and most complex airspace in the world, so compliance with the Federal Aviation Administration is crucial. Rest assured, the FAA has issued our Section 333 Grant of Exemption and a Part 107 Certificate of Waiver or Authorization.

Federal law regulates the commercial use of drones. Many operators and clients don’t understand the restrictions, exposing their businesses to substatial penalties and serious safety concerns. Flying Monkey Aerial Videographt mitigates the risk, and can facilitate safe and legal aerial operations. Contact us to discuss your project requirements.

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Licensed and Insured

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We are FAA licensed and insured drone operator, and assist our clients with all necessary permitting, compliance, and insurance administrative tasks. We maintain 2 million/1 milion dollars, personal injury and property liability insurance policy, specifically tailored for commercial UAV operations. Based on our extensive safety protocols, we are the only aerial operator we are aware of that is fully authorized by our insurer for indoor commercial operations.

Consultation Services and Training for
Law Enforcement, Fire and Rescue Agencies

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Flying Monkey Aerial Videography is also available for consultation and training of either Law Enforcement or Fire and Rescue Agencies in the use of Drones and other Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), including but not limited to, what equipment is best suited to match their particular use/needs, setting up command vehicles with 4K large screen video monitors and the training of the officers on how to use the equipment.

Why Use Aerial Drone for Photography and Videos?

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Drones can take high definition photos and videos from any angle on any property. The right shots can make a big difference in a marketing campaign, help sell a house, provide a new perspective on big problems, or share amazing views.

360-degree Drone Photography and Video

Sometimes a photograph doesn't quite tell the story. Our 360 degree drone panoramic photographs and videos offer the viewers fully immersive experience - quite an innovative way to share your experience or get your point across.

Panoramic Drone Photography

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Harrisburg River Walk

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Bridges over the Susquehana River, Harrisburg, PA

HbgSenatorsBaseballStadium.jpg (300816 bytes)

Harrisburg Senators Baseball Stadium

PAStateCapitalHBG2.jpg (98782 bytes)

Pennsylvania State Capital in Harrisburg, PA (Front View))

HarrisburgCapitalBldg002.jpg (357658 bytes)

Pennsylvania State Capital in Harrisburg, PA (Rear View))

Our specialty is large format panoramic aerial photography. Our panoramas are a perfect solution if you're looking for a great wall art (even a mural), website header, billboard, or truck wrap.

Live Video Broadcast

We provide broadcast quality 4K High Resolution Real Time video downlink for news, sports, special events, and everyone else in need of live drone camera broadcast via Facebook or YouTube.